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Cricket Wireless

4D has been fortunate to have Cricket Wireless as a client for the past several years. In 2017, 4D helped procure the leases for 16 new Cricket Wireless stores.

As of July, 2019, 4D has helped Cricket Wireless franchisees complete 7 more leases, for a total of 23 new leases.

  • Unlimited Skytalk, Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 811 sf

  • Unlimited Skytalk, Catoctin Corner, Leesburg, VA 800 sf

  • Unlimited Skytalk, Warrenton Plaza, Warrenton, VA 700 sf

  • Unlimited Skytalk, 140 Village Shopping Center, Westminster, MD 1,050 sf

  • Unlimited Skytalk,
    Four Mile Fork Shopping Center,
    Fredericksburg, MD 750 sf

  • MobileLink, New Carrollton Town Center, New Carrollton, MD 2,284 sf

  • Mobilelink, 11337 Georgia Avenue, Wheaton, MD 920 sf

  • Cricket Wireless is an international cell phone company that provides prepay cell phone service plans along with phones and accessories. Most Cricket Wireless stores are owned and operated by franchises.

    4D works with Cricket Wireless Washington, DC / Baltimore Regional Corporate Real Estate Department to identify potential store locations in markets where they do not have a store, and markets that require a second store.

    We present property surveys for the target areas based on space and demographic criteria. Cricket began identifying properties of interest and assigning those properties/areas to specific franchisees.

    Franchisees then connect with 4D. We help the franchisees pursue the properties of interest. 4D helps each franchisee manage the entire property selection process, from property tours through letter of intent and lease negotiations, to lease execution and occupancy of the new location.

    • Mobilelink, BelAir Beltway Nottingham, MD 1,459 sf

    • Mobilelink, Dorchester Square Cambridge, MD 1,260 sf

    • Mobilelink, Easton Marketplace Easton, MD 1,260 sf

    • Mobilelink, Kent Plaza
      Chestertown, MD 1,800 sf

    • Mobilelink, Lotus Plaza
      Salisbury, MD 1,400 sf

    • Mobilelink, Ocean Landing
      Berlin, MD 1,610 sf

    • Mobilelink, Parkville Shopping Ctr, Parkville, MD 918 sf

    • Mobilelink, Shawan Plaza
      Hunt Valley, MD 750 sf

    • Smart Communications
      Cherryvale Plaza
      Resiterstown, MD 1,200 sf

    • MBS Solutions,
      Old Courthouse Square,
      Martinsburg, WV 1,200 sf

    • MBS Solutions,
      Burtons Shopping Center,
      LaVale, MD 1,500 sf

    • MBS Solutions,
      Apple Blossom Corner,
      Winchester, VA 1,200 sf

    • PQH, Railway Lane,
      Hagerstown, MD 2,000 sf

    • TJ Wireless, N. Frederick Ave
      Gaithersburg, MD 514 sf

    • Ucomm MD,
      Free State Shopping Ctr,
      Bowie MD 1,200 sf

    • Ucomm MD,
      Marlow Heights Shopping Ctr,
      Temple Hills, MD 1,900 sf


    Mileham & King
    2-A Metropolitan Court
    Gaithersburg, MD
    7,200 sf

    Mileham & King is a seller and installer of window coverings for commercial and residential properties offering products from top line manufacturers

    • In 2017 4D helped M&K complete a sale/lease back of their facility in Rockville. The lease back portion of that transaction is scheduled to expire in July 2019 and M&K needed to find a new facility that offered better operational efficiency.
    • 4D helped M&K identify options in Gaithersburg and Rockville and coordinated the negotiation for their new facility at 2-A Metropolitan Court in Gaithersburg.
    • M&K is scheduled to take occupancy of their new facility in August 2019.


    Cima Foods
    1000-1002 Taft Street
    Rockville, MD
    7,200 sf

    Cima Foods is a distributor of Hispanic food and beverage products in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area. Cima Foods ran their business from a 1,500 sf warehouse space in Gaithersburg, MD with a lease scheduled to expire in June 2019. Their business has grown, requiring at least 5,000 sf immediately, up to approximately 7,000 sf over the next 2 years. Their new space needed to include a loading dock to accommodate their regular deliveries. Loading docks on smaller bay warehouse spaces are difficult to find in their required geographic area of Gaithersburg or Rockville, MD.

    • 4D was able to find a sublease opportunity for a space that totaled 7,200 sf and included 2 loading docks.
    • A sublease was negotiated that allowed Cima Foods to use the space for a short period of time to make sure that 7,200 sf is the correct amount of space and 4D has lined up a long term lease option directly with the landlord that will take effect after the sublease term is completed, if Cima Foods elects to remain in the space.


    FAS Marketplace
    11319 Elkin Street
    Wheaton, MD
    6,000 sf

    FASmarketplace is a community based market and activity center. They offer an outlet for local artists, crafters and food purveyors to showcase and sell their original items. They also provide fitness classes as well as after school and summer camps for children. FASmarketplace was renting community centers on short-term, but were in need of a permanent location in order to solidify and grow their business. Accessibility and functionality were key requirements for a facility.

    • FASmarketplace retained the services for 4D who searched the market for properties that could accommodate their unique use.
    • 4D was able to find a suitable property in Wheaton, MD. It was formerly a community center. The space offered the functionality with a combination of various sized rooms, a kitchen and a large open area. Additionally, the site is easily accessible, is surrounded by ample parking and is within walking distance of the Wheaton Metrorail Station.
    • 4D was able to negotiate a lease that offered short-term rent flexibility with the opportunity to control the space for an extended period of time if needed.


    Center for Organizational Excellence
    15204 Omega Drive
    Rockville, MD
    7,800 sf

    The Center for Organizational Excellence has been a 4D client since 1992. Gary originally helped COE move from 2,000 sf in old town Gaithersburg to approx 5,000 sf in an office building on Shady Grove Road in Rockville.

    In 2008, COE required another relocation which is now their current building at 15204 Omega Drive in Rockville. COE leased 13,000 sf.

    Since their initial occupancy at Omega Drive, COE, a government contracting firm, has seen a shift in their business operations that has led to a large portion of their employees being situated in government facilities where the contract is being implemented.

    The result being that COE now requires about half the amount of space from what they originally leased.

    • 4D was able to help negotiate a new lease in which COE now occupies 7,800 sf
    • As part of the negotiation, COE was able to be released from the 13,000 sf lease 6 months early without a penalty, resulting in significant occupancy cost savings.

    Advanced Spine & Wellness
    50 West Gude Drive
    Rockville, MD
    4,952 sf

    Advanced Spine & Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture services helping their patients go beyond the resolution of symptoms to achieve optimal body function, performance and efficiency. Dr. Brian Paris, President of Advanced Spine & Wellness Center, is working to create a full service wellness center that provides variety of complimentary services such as therapeutic massage, sleep disorder services, pain management, arthritis related therapy, Neuropathy, EMG/NVC testing and treatments, weight-loss counseling and products, wellness, holistic health, and fitness programs. In order to grow the business, Brian needed to increase his space, but at the same time, minimize occupancy expenses.

    • 4D was able to show ASWC a variety of property types that offered the economics and functionality that were needed.
    • ASWC selected a flex building that offers a professional presentation for new and existing clients and the opportunity to layout the premises in a manner that allowed ASWC to create and manage a variety of revenue streams.
    • 4D negotiated a lease for ASWC that maintains rent expenses at a reasonable level over the term of the lease and also minimized the out-of-pocket expenses that ASWC will incur to relocate to the new facility.
    • The lease also includes a broad use clause allowing ASWC to offer their clients a wide range of services.


    Miracle Ear
    32 Vital Way
    Silver Spring, MD
    952 sf

    Miracle Ear is the #1 hearing aid company in the United States with over 1,200 franchise locations across the country. Miracle Ear facilities have traditionally been located inside Sears stores, but a recent shift initiated by the corporate office has led local Franchisees to look for more traditional retail locations. Miracle Ear stores provide hearing testing and the sales of hearing aids, as well as the maintenance and repair of hearing aids.

    • Miracle Ear had specific geographical boundaries based upon their franchise rights as well as the need to be located within close proximity to certain age demographics. 4D was able to identify locations within the designated boundaries that also met the financial parameters of the tenant.
    • 4D was able to negotiate lease terms that addressed Miracle Ear’s specific timing needs, which were tied to their exiting terms with Sears.
    • 4D worked with the landlord to modify the lease to incorporate lease language required by Miracle Ear’s corporate office.


    Edell Shapiro & Finnan
    One Washingtonian Center,
    Gaithersburg, MD 11,800 sf

    ESF is a patent and trademark law firm that is experiencing tremendous growth, with a large portion of that growth coming from national clients. ESF needed to find space to accommodate current needs as well as provide for future expansion. Additionally, ESF desired to upgrade the quality of the building and existing amenity base to continue to attract national clients, and to provide a better work experience to maintain existing staff and be competitive for new hires.

    • ESF was able to lease the same amount of space as their previous location, but increase the number of offices and work stations by finding a new location that offered a more efficient layout.
    • ESF took advantage of current market conditions to create a concession package allowing a move from a Class B to a Class A property.
    • One Washingtonian Center is surrounded by over 500,000 sf of retail/restaurant amenities with four hotels within walking distance of the building.


    8751 Freestate Road,
    Laurel, MD
    30,000 sf

    IEC is a non-profit association for non-union electrical contractors whose primary business is providing apprenticeship and continuing education classes for aspiring and licensed electricians. With new continuing education requirements being imposed by MD and VA, IEC needed to significantly increase the size of their facility to accommodate additional students and classes. IEC considered leasing and purchasing to find a location that could accommodate parking for students driving from all parts of MD, VA and DC.

    • IEC evaluated the benefits of purchasing vs. leasing and elected to lease a 30,000 sf facility that offered abundant parking and easy access to major thoroughfares such as I95, Route 1 and Route 32.
    • IEC was able to negotiate a lease that provided for a graduated rent schedule and a buildout allowance that provided the opportunity to work within the financial constraints of a non-profit association.
    • The new facility provides an increase in the number and size of classrooms and the ability to upgrade the facility with the latest technology.


    Murphy Land Group

    14119 Seneca Road
    Germantown, MD
    .57 acres of land and a 2,000 sf Commercial House

    Murphy Land Group owned a property located at 14119 Seneca Road in Germantown, MD, from which the partners operated an Invisible Fence business. The property no longer met the needs for the Invisible Fence operations and they relocated the business and leased a property that provided greater operational efficiency.

    • 4D was engaged to help find a buyer for the property. The listing assignment commenced on March 1, 2019 and the property was under contract to a landscaping company by the end of April. Closing took place on May 30, 2019.


    JS1 Associates, LLC
    407 Main Street
    Laurel, MD
    2,400 sf

    JS1 is a multi-faceted business with clients between Philadelphia and Washington, DC. They had an expiring lease in Rockville, MD and wanted to purchase a property in the Laurel – Columbia area close to I-95.

    • 4D was retained to find a property that could accommodate their use and meet their budget parameters.
    • 4D identified a commercial house in Laurel, MD. The house included 2 existing tenants that wanted to remain and a transaction was structured that allowed all parties requirements to be accommodated.
    • JS1 is in the process of renovating the new property and should be in occupancy by the end of the summer.


    605 Main Street
    Laurel, MD
    2,200 sf Office Condominium

    AquaFeel sells and installs residential water filtration systems throughout the Washington, DC area. They were renting space in a small office in Silver Spring and wanted to purchase a facility so their monthly occupancy expenses would be creating value for the owners of the business rather than just being paid to a landlord. Additionally, they needed a space to accommodate administrative and sales needs and provide a location where water filtration systems could be delivered for installation.

    • AquaFeel had flexible geographic parameters and 4D was able to search multiple markets in order to find a property that met their requirements.
    • 4D was able to find the location at 605 Main Street and the purchase of the property was closed in February 2019.


    Joseph Canova & Sons
    Cinder Lane
    Laurel, MD
    2.5 Acres

    Joseph Canova & Sons (JCS) has been in the watermain construction business since 1951 working with DC/Baltimore area developers and water/sewer authorities.

    JCS is located in Laurel, MD and owns the property on which their facility is located. Over the years JCS had acquired properties that were adjacent to their primary location.

    As the area has grown and the construction of the ICC (Route 200) began, a portion of JCS’ property was acquired by the State of MD.

    This left an approximately 2 acre parcel that had been separated from the rest of the property. The separation of the property limited the benefits of the site to JCS, but the visibility of the site and location relative to future development planned for the area offered benefits to other potential owners of the property.

    • 4D was retained to market the property for sale. After presenting the property to a variety of regional and national companies that acquire sites with high visibility and excellent access to major highways on which they construct retail/gas stations facilities, several companies were expressing interest in the site.
    • 4D also reached out to surrounding property owners and developers in the area.
    • The eventual purchaser was the developer of the proposed town center across the street. The property offered the developer the opportunity to control the use that ultimately occupied the property, which is at the entrance to their future town center and also allowed the developer to address some community use issues that are going to be part of the town center.
    • JCS was able to maximize the selling price and the developer was able to gain control of a piece of land that will likely increase in value as the town center is developed.


    Mileham & King (M&K)
    15748 Crabbs Branch Way
    Rockville, MD
    7,500 sf

    Mileham & King is a seller and installer of window coverings having primarily focused in the commercial market, but recently added a residential division offering products from top line manufacturers.

    M&K owned the warehouse/office condominium from which their business operates in Rockville, MD. With many small to medium sized businesses looking to purchase rather than lease their facilities due to the availability of inexpensive debt, M&K saw an opportunity to shed debt and use the equity from the sale to grow the business.

    Additionally, as M&K has become more efficient in their operations, they no longer needed the entire 7,500 sf.

    However, M&K did not want to disrupt the business at this time and was hoping to find a buyer that would agree to a sale/leaseback arrangement in which M&K could remain in the property for 12–24 months after settlement.

    • 4D was engaged to market the condo to businesses and the brokerage community to try and find a buyer.
    • With only 3 months of marketing, 4D was able to find a buyer who agreed to the leaseback arrangement allowing M&K to remain in the condo for up to 2 years, and the transaction was completed in July 2017.


    GB Shades
    649 Lofstrand Lane
    Rockville, MD
    32,000 sf

    GB Shades sells and installs commercial and residential window coverings. They have operations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Wilmington, DE, and Philadelphia, PA.

    They are one of the largest commercial window covering installers in the DC/Baltimore area and have worked on some of the largest and best known projects in the region.

    A client of 4D since 2009, 4D helped GB Shades find their current location and also negotiated an expansion at this location.

    In 2013, as the business grew, GB decided there would be long term financial and operational benefits to owning a facility. They specified geographic areas and building criteria and 4D found them the perfect building to suit their needs.

    • Over a 4-year period 4D and GB evaluated 13 properties which included existing buildings and land for development.
    • Letters of Intent were exchanged and purchase contracts were drafted in a couple of instances and through their patience and commitment to finding a property to purchase, GB closed on 649 Lofstrand in late December 2017.
    • 649 Lofstrand accommodates GB’s current needs, has room for growth and there are a couple of existing tenants to help offset some of the ownership expenses.
    • Additionally, the building is in an ideal location as it relates to potential property value increase, convenience for employees, and accessibility to clients.

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